Ice-Cream Line

The Nutkao ice-cream range aims to satisfy the ever growing request from the leading figures of the confectionery sector.

After months of studies and tests to create products that would meet the needs of most of the world’s foremost ice-cream makers, Nutkao has come up with an entirely new line in the ice-cream segment.

Thanks to its invaluable know-how in the spread creams sector , Nutkao has selected a number of dedicated recipes so as to sub-divide its ICE-CREAM LINE into three categories: CHOCOLATE COVERINGS, COVERINGS and RIPPLES.

All the recipes are gluten- free.

Ice-Cream Line Ripple

The main characteristic of this Nutkao ripple line is that it maintains its spreadable texture even at temperatures below zero, so it’s ideal for the fridge counter and showcases of the most popular ice-cream parlours. The ripple line is perfect for cremino chocolates, the ripple in ice-creams and the inner part of semifreddos.
These products are used for their typical ripple, with professionals appreciating in particular their versatility and the possibility to adapt them to any type of recipe. Stir the product well before using, to obtain a truly smooth texture.

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Dama Gianduia

Cocoa and hazelnut cream. Flavour: well-balanced, with the typical flavour of gianduia chocolate and a hint of milk in the background.

Dama Scura

Cocoa cream. Flavour: cocoa and hints of plain chocolate with aromatic profiles that bring to mind Africa

Dama nocciola

Hazelnut and milk cream. Flavour: the prevailing taste is that of hazelnut, with the touch of milk bringing out all its nuances to create an intriguing result.

Dama chiara

Milk cream. Flavour: the hint of milk is what emerges straight away, with a fresh and enveloping sensation. The finish is intense.

Ice-Cream Line Covering

The common thread throughout the range of coverings is the use of chocolate compound. The careful selection of the raw ingredients means a top quality end result.
There’s no need for the classic tempering of the chocolate with these products, so they’re easy to use for even the youngest confectioners, who can create first class desserts.
This line has two plus factors, representing the basics: “pliability” and “breakability”.
The balance between the “pliability” produced by the rice oil, and the precise “breakability”, is what distinguishes these Nutkao coverings.
These products are ideal for covering ice-creams and for making stracciatella.
To get the best results from the recipes that make up this line, our Quality experts recommend you store the product at a temperature of -20°C, to accentuate the texture and characteristics of each single flavour.
The product should be melted at 35/40°C, gently stirring the mixture until it’s smooth.

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Nuvola Chiara

Milk-based product. Flavour: brings to mind white chocolate – sweet, fresh and clean.

Nuvola Scura

Cocoa-based product. Flavour: brings to mind plain chocolate – the aromatic notes and compact texture are typical of plain dark chocolate.

Nuvola Cacaolatte

Cocoa- and milk-based product. Flavour: the immediate memory is of milk chocolate as soon as you smell the scent and taste the flavour.

Ice-Cream Line Chocolate Covering

The Nutkao selection of chocolate coverings is the top of its ice-cream range.
The plus factor is the use of pure chocolate in all the recipes.
These products are ideal for covering ice-creams and semifreddos.
To fully appreciate the strengths of these chocolate-based coverings, they are best melted at a temperature of 35/40°C, gently stirring the mixture until it’s smooth and ready for use.

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Perla Fondente

100% plain chocolate. Flavour: intense, enveloping, with the typical taste of plain chocolate. The finish is persistent, thanks to the quintessential particularity of this chocolate. This covering fully expresses the top premium quality of the entire line.

Perla Scura

60% plain chocolate. Flavour: the typical plain chocolate taste is intense and fairly persistent.

Perla Chiara

60% white chocolate. Flavour: the touch of milk is the main characteristic of this covering. The effect in the mouth is pleasantly fresh.

Perla Latte

60% chocolate. Flavour: well-balanced, with the sweet hint of cocoa and milk-flavoured chocolate. Melts perfectly in the mouth, thanks to the fats used, leaving a clean feeling on the palate.


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