Our spreads

Raw materials: cocoa hazelnut milkNutkao produces a wide range of spreads created from different recipes: the traditional hazelnut spread, as well as two-coloured, milk only or dark chocolate.
The quality of our products is comparable with that of market leaders, thanks to the selection of raw materials and a rigorously controlled production process. Each stage of production is carried out very carefully to guarantee freshness and the best taste quality of the ingredients used.

Classic cocoa and hazelnut spread:

classic spread, characterised by the presence of roasted hazelnuts, well balanced with the taste of the cocoa and milk.

Two-coloured spread (two flavours/duo):

the cocoa and hazelnut spread is combined with a cocoa-free milk spread, giving the product a contrast of colours and flavours.

Milk-only spread:

a cocoa-free spread with a rich milk flavour. These recipes can also be made with a variable quantity of hazelnut.

Dark chocolate spreads:

spreads characterised by the flavour and intense colour of cocoa.

Entirely vegetable spreads, with no added sugar:

spreads designed for the market segment dedicated to food intolerances or the growing health market.

Organic spread

our spreads are produced with organic ingredients produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming to monitor the environmental impact of the production, the healthiness of the product and the absence of GMOs.

Cocoa butter spread

a spread made with cocoa butter and sunflower oil that maintains the organoleptic profile and texture of the typical spreadable cream.