Plant Italy

Deliveries of packaged products

In Italy, for deliveries of products packaged in pots, buckets or boxed chocolate drops, we use specialised carriers in each area, both for deliveries of pallets and for deliveries by road, or specifically by articulated lorry. Alternatively, deliveries throughout Italy are managed by national carriers which can travel to all areas.
Usually we manage to ensure that deliveries for re-orders of products reach northern Italy within 4/5 working days, central Italy within 6 working days, southern Italy and the Islands within 8 working days.

Deliveries abroad can be managed directly by us, either by full loads or as packages, or by the customer.

Transport in Europe can be made with curtain siders or temperature controlled trailers and the goods are loaded onto EUR/EPAL 80X120 or BLU CHEP 80X120 pallets. For transport outside Europe via sea, we load full containers, ensuring the delivery in FOB or CFR port of destination on “fumigated pallets”.

Deliveries of bulk products

For national deliveries of bulk products, we use carriers specialising in the transport of liquid food products with high viscosity, including road transport using heated tanker lorries with a capacity of up to 30,000 kg. The tanker lorries have a maximum of 4 separate compartments which are independently heated, so that 4 different recipes can be combined in one form of transport. Our transport partners carry out deliveries both nationally and internationally, even by sea with container tanks of various types and capacities.

For deliveries of smaller quantities we have set ourselves up with plastic mobile tanks of only 1,000 kg which are not re-used.
The correct logistical management using different carriers allows us to optimally manage the product delivery peaks in high seasons.

Plant USA

At Nukao USA we can handle all your transportation needs through our selected list of carriers.

We can deliver one pallet or full truck load safely, securely and on time. 
All load originate from our manufacturing plant in Battleboro, NC.
Located just a couple of hours from the Mid Atlantic’s busiest ship terminal we can handle any size container loads.

We offer customer pickup and delivered shipments.